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The Story thus far...

The year is 2033.  No one really remembers what happened.  There were wars that lead to a chemical reaction.  People started transforming into undead looking creatures.  There were so many casualties, so many loved ones lost.  Is this the end of humanity? Things continued to get worse.  Nature was against us and started to collapse what was left of humanity.  The earth began to divide and shatter.  The last safe hint that I got was some sort of hidden refuge.  The last chance for humanity, the last refuge.  I heard that they had limited room due to shortage of supplies. So I must make it a priority to be the first to find the Last refuge.


The Game

  • 15 minute zombie race to the finish, 
  • 66 zombie miniatures, 
  • 2-6 players
  • Quick & Easy to learn 

A unique fifteen minute zombie race to the finish, where you and five other friends compete to reach the finish.  But beware there are plenty of challenges. As you get closer to the door of the refuge.  While on your journey other players will move and block you and they will spawn pesky zombies that surround and get in your way.  There will also be a key card to locate, and plenty of other cards and tiles to interact with. 

Who will Survive?

Up to 6 players can play the game. What is your strategy? Do you keep pushing forward defeating all zombies in your way? Do you let others fight for resources while you sneak your way to safety?

The Refuge offer a variety of strategies for different types of players. Oh and remember you need the key to reach the finish line.


The Rule Book

The objective is to find a KEY and reach the refuge. Easy enough right? But everybody needs to play fair. So here is the rule book so no one can cheat, just in case you misplaced it.


  • Game Objectives
  • Starting the Journey
  • Turn Rules
  • Survivor Movement
  • Zombie Movement
  • Spaces
  • Supply Cards


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